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Creating Accessible Course Content

All videos are closed captioned. Click the CC button in the player to see the captions.

  • Narration is descriptive of each task from start to finish
  • Interactivity can be skipped by keyboard stroke
  • Visual feedback shows the correct click path for all interactive elements
  • Longer videos allow viewers to skip segments

Working in the Course Environment

Building Course Content Setting Permissions

Reporting and Course Utilities

Getting Started with Interactive Tools

Discover the differences among Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and the Discussion Board and how to use each tool effectively in your course.

Using the Discussion Board

Managing Group Work Blogs and Journals Wikis Announcements and Scheduling

Assessing Students

Grade Center

Tests, Surveys, and Pools Assignments Student Performance

Recommended End of Semester Course Maintenance for Instructors
Remember to request an archive of each course at the end of the semester. Instructors should also download and keep a copy of the gradebook from each course site.

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